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small_group__fb1.jpg.jpgThe Small Group Ministry at Riverstone Community Church is a BIG Deal! It’s how we get connected with our church, build relationships with others, but more importantly, how we minister to one another and reach out to those who are outside the body of Christ.


One of the incredible facets about the Christian life is that it is centered on building relationships, first with our Lord Jesus Christ then with others. The theme of relationship building is consistent throughout the scriptures. God’s plan for His church involves being involved in the lives of others. How is that done? By building relationships. We believe building relationships with others is accomplished through the vehicle of Small Groups.


The believers in the early church in Acts chapter two did five things: believed, shared, worshiped, broke bread and fellowshipped. What did they believe? They believed the foundational biblical truths about Christ and His church. What did they share? They shared their resources to meet the needs of others through prayer and giving of themselves. Who did they worship? They met for corporate worship and worshiped the One True God. What did they eat? They shared wonderful meals together. Why did they fellowship? They fellowshipped to strengthen, encourage, and minister to one another.


Now get this…. As a result of those five things, the scriptures proclaim the believers in the early church enjoyed God’s favor and God himself added to the church. In other words, God used Small Groups to build a healthy joyful church! It is my strong belief and conviction that ALL of us need Small Group. None of us are exempt from the struggles, trials, or temptations of this life.


Currently, we have Small Groups meeting all over town.  I would like to graciously encourage you to get involved with a Small Group. It’s a vital part of being connected to the body of Christ!



Small Group Leader Small Group/Location

Bi-Weekly Gatherings

Will & Ceressa Anthony College and Career/Varies Wednesday
Greg & Denise Seigler Jones Road area Sunday
Ken & Donna Horne Normandy area Sunday 
Rick & Cheryl Baldwin Oakleaf area Tuesday 
Joel & Jamie Kelly Oakleaf - Young Married Sundays 7PM
Marshall Thompson Church - Upstairs in Children's Dept. Sunday mornings
Dwayne & Michelle Paulson Dinsmore area Mondays 7PM


The RCC Food Pantry accepts donations
If you would like to contribute to the Food Pantry Ministry, we wou...
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To Make God's People Aware That God's Church Thrives and Survives T...
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The RCC Food Pantry accepts donations

If you would like to contribute to the Food Pantry Ministry, we would gratefully accept the following items. Please be mindful of expirations dates.


Canned vegetables 

Boxed dinners

Boxed rice

Pasta sauce

Canned meat

Canned fruit


Dry beans

Can and dry milk

Peanut Butter


Dry, condensed, ready to serve soup

Salt & Pepper shakers

Cooking Spray

Vegetable oil

Bath soap, Deodorant, Shampoo, Disposable razors, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Toilet tissue

Diapers, wipes

Store gift cards to purchase perishable items


Thank you for your generosity to this very valuable ministry led by John and Vickie Woods

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PRAY 3:20

To Make God's People Aware That God's Church Thrives and Survives Through His Resurrection Power!


Remember to set your clocks each day to 3:20 (AM or PM) as a reminder to stop, read and pray over Ephesians 3:20.


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Sunday, July 08, 2018
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