IDENTITY:  Christianity is not defined by what we do, but what God has done.

IDENTITY:  To be “In Christ” means your face has always been before the Father.  There has never been a time when he has not loved you.

IDENTITY:  “In Christ” identity isn’t earned… It’s given!

IDENTITY:  The enemies of identity in Christ – Pressure to perform, Fear of failure, Constant comparisons, Wrecked relationships, Fatigue and frustrations.  SOLUTION:  Rest in the finished work of Christ!

IDENTITY:  Of what value is it for the preacher to tell us “Be Holy!” if he doesn’t tell us that we are Holy “In Christ”?  The primary problem is not right behavior, but believing that God has declared those “In Christ” righteous.

IDENTITY:  Our main problem in the Christian life is not that we don’t try hard enough to be good, but that we haven’t believed the Gospel and received its finished reality into all parts of our lives.

You get the idea…At Riverstone Community, we believe that the Christian life is wrapped up in our relationship with Jesus..  We are “In Christ”.

Currently, we are tracking that wonderful idea through the book of Philippians.  We hope you will join us in our walk through this powerful book as we continue to investigate what it means to be “In Christ”.


Pastor Rick